Strumming Your Boutique Guitar in the Bathroom?

No matter what type of home you have, your bathroom is generally your sanctuary; somewhere to relax and unwind in your Phoenix Vega whirlpool bath tub, hide from your screaming kids, delete your bad day at work, and yet too many people just use their bathroom as a quick in and out type of room.

Here at Bathroom Showroom, we want you to indulge in your bathroom. Spend a little money on making it the most beautiful hidden room in your home. We spend way too much in front of the TV, which depending on what you watch, can irritate, exacerbate issues, or cause anxiety. So, why not enjoy more time in your bathroom?

We aren't saying to go and do a jigsaw in the bathroom, or play the drums, but spend a little time looking after yourself so you feel better, feel great and recharged, and not under the dark cloud of the doom and gloom TV news channels.

Speaking of playing the drums (not in the bathroom), and talking about relaxing, many people play guitar to relax and as we server some of the most beautiful bathroom suites around in the UK, we wanted to let you know that if you're looking for boutique guitar straps, then you can't do better than Bison Boa. Without a doubt, they make the best leather guitar straps and fabric straps around.

So, you have your 'play' room with your guitar and music in, your bathroom for your exterior well being and having a major impact on your insides, and your kitchen to make great food. Just remember to turn the TV off.....saying that, we sell bathroom TVs for those that are addicted to TV!