Seiko SKX 007 and Cruze Watches

We are big fans of the website with its smart, unique feel, great prices and exceptional customer service. Us being in different industries means we can appreciate fully their products without them being competitors.

We love the fact that is the best and cheapest place for the amazing Seiko SKX 007 men's diver's watch. Whether it's the SKX007K or J model, or the Pepsi coloured bezel of the SKX009 K or J you get the best prices and bag yourself on the of the best and most affordable Seiko watches in the world.

With prices rising, they are set to keep on going so best to buy now - even buy a few like we have - and keep them stock or modify them. Joot and Cruze Watches are the best in the business for SKX mods. Being based in the UK means that fast shipping in either direction can be realised, and without hesitation, Joot's staff who went over to Cruze in 2021 are the best in the business for Seiko SKX mods and mod parts. Selling more than 3,000 SKXs in their first year alone, Joot grew fast and almost got overrun with orders and decided to sell to Cruze. Going over to Cruze, who has been in the watch game for 4 years, it also meant the completely unique and amazing Seiko SKX AP Mod part went with it and is now back up for sale. With only 50 parts of the Octa bezel, as it was coined, being made and then shelved for a few years while the business was sold, the Octa bezel by Joot is now in production again for a similar price to 2019.

The Seiko SKX is one of the most moddable and modded watches on the market. They look fantastic in stock shape, but with ceramic bezels, jubilee and oyster bracelets, leather straps, nato straps and rubber watch straps to choose from, it can completely change the look and feel of the watch. Many people change the SKX's hands, dials and chapter rings for even more of a different look, and with Joot's red crystal for the SKX, there has never been a better time to mod your SKX.

Cruze Watches are literally taking over the industry. Selling all popular fashion watches from Armani, Casio, Tissot and Citizen to the best selling and most popular Seiko diver's watches such as the Samurai, Sumo and SKX.

If you want to check them out, head over to now and get buying. Don't forget to mention us and you might get a discount!