Vertical Myson Towel Warmer Radiators

Here at Bathroom Showroom we stock 1,000s of bathroom items, (17,000 at the time of writing), and one of the brands we want to showcase today is Myson. Myson towel warmer radiators are some of the best around, they're smart, come in chrome, white or anthracite (and other) colours, so that it can fit into the theme of your home.

We stock many Myson towel warmers and radiators form the Angara range to the Avonmore vertical bathroom radiator. Whatever your need, we can supply you with the right size and shape to fit in your recess or wall in your bathroom or kitchen. Vertical radiators look smart, modern and are very efficient when it comes to space. Make sure you buy the right size one for the size of the room; you can do this by looking at the amount of BTU it produces, so if you want to just warm towels, then you don't need a high BTU figure, however, if it is the only radiator in the room, then you're better off getting a higher powered radiator.

As vertical radiators have many rails to hang towels, or clothes, on, you can be more organised in your home. As normal radiators can be quite chunky, vertical Myson towel warmers tend to hug the wall and don't stick out too far, so they're ideal for small bathrooms such as a downstairs or understairs bathroom.